Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snuggles, Super Bowl & Singing

It's time to update again with the latest pictures and videos so we tried to think of a catchy title for this blog. I have been snuggling with Hayden every day and Mama usually takes some pictures on her phone to send to the grandparents. Hayden experienced his first Super Bowl even though he slept through most of it and Mama has captured me singing to Hayden on a few videos.

Mama has just figured out an easier way to share the photos from her phone. She used to email them to herself, save them, and then post them. She now has an app where she can post them directly from her phone, however, the size of the pictures may be different. Bare with us as we figure this out. :-)

 Enjoy the most recent pictures....
The Ottos came over for the Super Bowl.
Nina was very interested in Hayden.

Hayden's first Super Bowl.
He wore football pajamas that said
"Daddy's Team"

Hayden and Mama snuggling during the Super Bowl.

Snuggles with my brother.
Monday morning rainy day snuggles with Mama.
I normally don't take naps but I was cranky on Monday! Hayden didn't sleep there the whole time.
Mama just put him there for a picture.
Hayden loves his big sister!

Looking serious!

Here are a few videos that Mama took on her phone....

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