Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Friends

Wow! The snow kept on coming last night so we were able to go out and play in the snow again! Yay! Hayden took a nice long nap this morning so Mama and I went outside to play while Daddy did his workout. He joined us afterwards. It was the perfect snow for making a snowman today. Mama decided to make Ayla sized snowman and one Hayden sized snowman. Here are LOTS of pictures from today....
This was the view from my room this morning.

Bundled up and ready to play.

The snow was crunchy because there was also sleet
last night so there was a layer of snow, then ice,
and then snow again.

Self portrait with Mama #1

Self portrait with Mama #2

Mama taught me how to roll the snow
to make a snowman.

We added a strawberry nose.

The snowman is bigger than me!

Making a snowball.
See Mama!

Then I threw it at Daddy!

Mama decided to make a Hayden sized snowman too!

Isn't he cute?

I decided to add some more snow to it. Mama thinks it
looks like a doggy now.

Mama decided to try making "Snow Cream". Milk, sugar, vanilla extract and some fresh snow made a delicious treat....
I was a big helper and added all of the ingredients.

Taste testing.

Mama wanted to quickly take Hayden outside to take pictures with the snowmen. This is what we found just a few hours later....
So we took one more quick photo shoot and said goodbye to our snowmen and the snow. It's starting to melt but it was fun while it lasted!

Ooh! Close up...Mama forgot the zoom
was on.

Enjoying some Snow Cream

Snuggly and warm inside.
Here are also some snow videos...

What a fun, fun day!!!

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