Saturday, February 1, 2014

One Month Old!

Yesterday I turned one month old! Time goes by way too fast! Of course Mama is going to take monthly pictures and she even bought these cool stickers that she can put right on my shirt each month. She's also decided to take my picture with Daddy's super big gorilla, Jacko, so that you can actually compare monthly pictures to see how much I've grown. :-)

She's also going to answer monthly questions (kind of like she did while she was pregnant.) She took these from Ayla's Memory Book. We'll have to see if we can find one for me because Mama did still write everything in a book for Ayla even though everything is also on the blog.

Here we go.....

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 10 lbs. 14 oz.
Sleeping Patterns: I usually sleep for few hours in the morning, have an awake period, sleep again after I eat, awake period, and eat. I've been more awake during the evenings now!
At night time I sleep for 4-5 hour stretches.
Eating Habits: Nursing every 2-3 hours (normally around 3 hour stretches). At night time I can go longer stretches between 4-5 hours. Last night I made it 7 hours between feedings!!
New Foods I liked: Nothing new for a while....just enjoying Mama's milk.
New Discoveries I made: I'm just taking everything in! I am a very alert baby and love to look at people when they are holding me. I also like the TV when Ayla watches her shows. I think it's the colors that I like.
My accomplishments: I would say that being born is a pretty major accomplishment! I am also a nursing champ now! I had a hard time latching at first but now I've got it! 
Places I went: first month was busy. I'll have to try and recall it all.....first breakfast at the Egg Cafe, first walk at Latta Plantation, first grocery visit at Bilo, I've been to Walmart, Lowes, Shuffletown Diner, Mama's school (twice), shopping at Birkdale. I'm sure there are more places...I've been a busy guy!
Special Memories: Meeting all of the new people that came to visit me (in the hospital and at home), my first bath, lots of snuggle time with my family.

"Hey there! Have I met you?"

Not too sure about this guy.

Silly Mama! She put me on a big stuffed gorilla!

He's pretty comfy.

Just hanging out.

Checking out Jacko.

 Mama changed me into this outfit from her friend Lisa. The pictures were taken on her phone so they aren't that clear but don't I look handsome? Oh, and that's a "3 month" outfit that I can already fit into. Hee Hee!

Check out this handsome little guy!
Thanks Lisa! Come snuggle again soon!

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