Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

It's been a busy week with Birthdays! On Saturday we went to Nina's house to celebrate her first birthday, yesterday was Daddy's birthday and today is BeBe's birthday! Mama has taken lots of pictures over the past few days so here are all of the birthday celebrations.....
Mama took a bottle to the party because she figured
that would be easiest. I got to feed Hayden again. Yay!

The birthday girl and me.

Cheese! I loved the cake and ice cream!

A picture with Mama.
After Nina's party we stopped at BeBe and Pappy's house....

Hayden and Nana.

This was my party favor from Nina's party. It was a
"coloring book" with a magic marker. I love it!

BeBe had a birthday cake for Daddy.
His actual birthday was yesterday.

We blew the candles out together.

I snuck some green frosting.

On Saturday we went out to lunch for Daddy's birthday.
We went to "The Burger Company".

Hayden slept the whole time.
That seems to be what he does when we
are out.

When  we came home we made brownies.

Mama had planned on surprising Daddy
with a brownie cake on his actual
birthday but we decided to celebrate on
Sunday instead.

BeBe and Pappy came over for brownie cake and
we also gave Daddy his present.

This was the present we made for Daddy.

This is how we fell asleep after listening to stories on
Sunday night.

I did send Daddy a message on his actual birthday...

Today was BeBe's birthday so here are the latest pictures Mama took.
When  Mama asked me to put away
Daddy's slippers this morning this is
what I did instead.

We stopped by the library today to get new books.
I played with these really cool puzzles.

Silly Hayden!

Happy Hayden!

A picture with the birthday girl, BeBe.

We brought over Cherry Sundrop cupcakes that we
bought in a bakery in Mt. Holly.

I had a great time playing with Nana today.

We went out to a burger restaurant for BeBe's birthday too!

It was called "Highway 55". Check out the cool car
that my meal came in.
Phew! Lots of birthdays!
I need to send out a birthday wish to Katrin too! "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!"

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