Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Real Snow Day!

Today was another "Snow Day" but this time it really did snow....a lot! Well, at least a lot for here. :-) The snow didn't come until around 1:00 and I patiently waited for it. Mama made me a super cool breakfast...those are grits with blueberries and strawberries. When the snow finally arrived we all went outside to take pictures. Mama and Hayden only stayed out for about a minute but Daddy and I had fun chasing Sidney. We tried to build a snowman but it wasn't the right kind of snow. Here are pictures from today....
My awesome breakfast!


This was what it looked like this morning...

...and then in turned into a Winter

Mama and Hayden self portrait #1

Self portrait #2

Cheese! I was so excited for the snow!

Self portrait with Mama.

Snuggle baby!

I didn't have mittens or gloves so we used socks! Haha!

I tried mowing the snow.

After playing in the snow we all
enjoyed a brownie.
It was a great day and I am already looking forward to tomorrow. School is already cancelled so Daddy gets to stay home again.  Yay!!! Stay tuned for more pictures.

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