Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow What Fun!

Wow! I am adding two blogs in one day...I really am a busy guy! As mentioned in the previous post, we were expecting some snow. Now all of my family and friends from up north are going to laugh but these few flurries were a big deal down here in North Carolina. Of course, Mama took the opportunity to take pictures outside in the snow. I am also adding my "4 Weeks Old" pictures to this blog. Can you believe it?!? 4 weeks old already?!?
Bundled up and enjoying the snow with Daddy

Ayla was excited about the snow
and kept checking to see if it was
snowing yet.

Mama and me.

Snuggling up against Daddy...it was cold!

Check out my awesome penguin
outfit that Mama got from one
of her co-workers
"4 Weeks Old" quickly turned into a mini photo shoot. That Mama and her camera!

"Are you sure that I am already
4 weeks old?"

Don't you just want to smooch this face? :-)
Here are also two more videos of me and one of Ayla. That sister of mine LOVES her sit-and-spin!! Mama took a video of her on it today. I don't know how that girl is not dizzy all of the time because she does this all day long!

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  1. I LOVE the penguin snowsuit! Enjoy your snow day on Thursday, too!