Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day and Stats

Yesterday Daddy got to stay home with us because it was a "Snow Day". He's home again today too! Ayla and I both loved having him home. We started the day off by snuggling and reading books and then we went outside to explore the snow. Ayla had a great time playing with Daddy. He taught her how to make a snow angel and Daddy and Ayla chased Sidney around the yard.
Mama and Ayla had a "picnic" in the living room to
eat breakfast.

Story time with Daddy.

Smooches from Ayla. I get those a lot!

Snuggling against Mama in the cold.

Ayla exploring the snow.

It's cold!

Oopsie! She fell down and got snow all over her pants.

Ayla making a snow angel.

Ayla warmed up with some delicious hot chocolate
that Aunt Michelle sent from Germany. Yummy!

Ayla and Mama were crafty yesterday and started a hand/foot print alphabet book. I'm still too little to make hand prints but maybe I'll be able do some footprints. It will be a project over the next couple of days/weeks. When they are all done Mama is going to bind the pages for a book. She'll add words to the pages too. Isn't that fun?
Alligator, Butterfly, Crab and Duck.

Yesterday was also my "one month" check up. I officially turn one month old tomorrow. Can you believe it?!? Here are my stats:

Weight: 10 lbs. 14 oz. 81% (4.933 kg.)
Height: 23 inches 98% (54.8 cm.)
Head Circumference: 15.55 inches 98% (39.5 cm.)

Ayla takes her job as "big sister" very seriously. She always helps Mama change my diaper and loves to sing to me. When I sleep on my pillow she'll bring be her baby doll or other toys. Sometimes she is too helpful like when I'm sound asleep and she thinks I need my pacifier and wakes me up. Mama and Daddy are trying to teach her that I only need my pacifier when I'm crying. She loves me so much and snuggles me a lot...
Ayla gave me her baby doll to snuggle with.
 Snow day #2 snuggles:

Mama's favorite.
Uncle Dave and Mallory get here today and will be here soon. We are going to go meet them and hang out with them. They are here until Sunday so stay tuned for lots more pictures and videos with cousin Mallory!

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