Friday, January 24, 2014

Pictures, Pictures & Videos

That Mama of mine sure does like to take a lot of pictures! Hee Hee! She has her fancy Nikon camera, her new small Canon camera, and her phone! Between those three, she has taken a lot of pictures. She takes pictures daily on her phone and sends them to Oma, Opa, BeBe and Pappy. Here are the most recent pictures and some videos from today....
On Wednesday, Mama braved the store with two kids on her
own for the first time!

I slept the entire time.

It must have been exhausting because Ayla fell asleep
in the car on the car ride home.
Snuggles with Mama after bath time.
Snuggling on big sister, Ayla.

One of the "Daily Dose" pictures that
we sent to to the grandparents.

Ayla tried to take a picture of Mama and me.

Wide awake! I've been staying awake
for longer stretches!

Courtney came to visit on Wednesday.

Doctor Ayla gave Sidney a check up.
She's such a good dog!
Mama bought a craft for Ayla to do.
She had to cover that whole thing with little
red square stickers to make a ladybug.

Mail from Germany again!

Another phone picture.

Check out my awesome pacifier from
Uncle Guenni, Aunt Michelle,
Kai and Nora.

Ayla got a pretty headband and bracelet.

Oooh! This picture melts Mama's heart!

Snuggles with Ayla!
Mama could just smooch this face all
day long!!

I fell asleep while listening to music and Ayla brought
me all of these toys.
Here are also some videos. The first two are of me laying on my play mat. Mama took them especially for Aunt Michelle and Kathrin. Do the songs bring back memories from when Ayla was a baby? Hee Hee!
Ayla loves her CD of German songs from Simone. Mama took a video of her dancing to one of the songs...
Sending hugs and kisses to all!

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