Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meeting Oma and Opa

Yesterday Oma and Opa arrived! Pappy, BeBe and Ayla went to the airport to pick them up and Mama and I stayed at home and waited patiently. We couldn't go pick them up because with 2 car seats in the car now, there is no room back there! Even if we could have gone, it was way too cold out there for me. It's been around 7 degrees.....which is cold for North Carolina.

We've enjoyed our time together. Opa holds me and snuggles me a lot. Oma holds me too but Ayla has been keeping her busy, busy, busy. That sister of mine is non-stop!!!

Here are pictures from yesterday...lots more to follow soon...
Snoozing while waiting for Oma and Opa to arrive.

Opa holding me for the first time.

Oma holding me for the first time.

Wide awake!

We had to take a picture with big sister, Ayla, too!

Ayla gave Oma and Opa the handprint calendar that
she made for them for Christmas.

While Opa snuggled me, Oma and Ayla played upstairs
in her room.

Ayla and I both got mail yesterday from Oma and Opa!
Ayla got "big sister" books and I got a little peanut doll.

Yesterday was my "One Week Old" birthday.
Mama took this picture at exactly 2:56 p.m.
I was a little mad because I would have rather been eating.

Mama attempted a little brother/sister photo shoot.

This morning Mama, Oma, Ayla, and I went to my doctor's appointment. The doctor wanted to make sure that I was gaining weight again. I'm proud to say that I weighed 8 lbs. 12. oz. today at my check-up! That's back to my exact birth weight! The doctor said that they like to have babies back at their birth weight by week 2 and I did it in 1! I've got this nursing thing down now!

In other news, I got my first medicine prescription. My right eye was really goopy last night and this morning. The doctor checked it and said the tear duct hasn't opened yet. Mama picked up some eye drops for me and now she has to give them to me four times a day. I just got my first ones and didn't even flinch. Oma held my eye open and Mama put the drops in.

I also need to tell you that I slept in 4 hour stretches last night. I'm not trying to jinx it and I'll try to keep up that good night time sleeping for Mama.

Lastly, here are my stats from the last doctor's appointment that Mama forgot to get....
Length: 21 1/2 inches 95%
Head circumference: 36 cm. 87%
My weight today: 8 lbs. 12. oz. 75%

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