Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lots of Firsts

Today I experienced a lot of firsts....

  • First family outing to eat breakfast. We went to the Egg Cafe in Davidson.
  • First walk in my stroller. We went to Latta Park.
  • First time to the grocery store. We went to Bilo to pick up a few items and Ayla shared her Fire Truck cart with me. There were no police cars available.
  • First (and last) Panthers game. I did get to wear my Cam Newton Jersey for a little bit. One of Mama's students gave her a bunch of clothes and the Cam Newton Jersey was one of them...brand new with the tags still on it!
  • First bath! 
Phew! What a busy busy day. Here are LOTS of pictures from today....
We had to wait a few minutes for a table.

Mama, Ayla and me. I slept the entire time.

Silly Ayla!

Ayla had a Mickey Mouse pancake.
When I get older I'll have those too!
My first walk in my stroller.

We stopped to take some pictures by the lake.

Ayla even touched the was cold!

I liked my first walk and only cried a few times.
Ayla sang the ABC song to me and I calmed
down right away. I have the best big sister!

Snoozing while Ayla played at the playground for a little bit.

She loves to swing!
First grocery store visit. Ayla can't wait until I can sit
next to her.
Supporting the Panthers.
The flash was really bright!

Oooh! I don't think I was a big fan of bath time!

Mama washed my hair.

Ayla wanted to help too.

She wanted to wash my hair but had to
settle for washing my belly instead.

All done and snuggled up in my shark towel from Kelly.

Yay! I survived my first bath!
Daddy took one video on the Flip camera....but blogger is not letting us add videos right now. Mama will have to do a "just videos" post sometime when it's working again. Boo!!!

Here are also a few other random pictures from Oma's camera and from Mama's camera.....
This has been the bed time routine. Mama reads stories to
Ayla and I lay on her chest and listen to them too. :-)

Ayla loves yogurt!

Hanging out with Opa
Snoozing with my sister on her bed.

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