Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping Busy!

Mama is loving this "stay at home mom" thing! Between snuggles and feedings and diaper changes and making lunch and cleaning and keeping Ayla busy.....(the list goes on and on. Hee Hee!) she has tried a few Pinterest ideas. Most of them have failed. She couldn't get the salt dough to work to make hand prints, the "easy playdough" was not easy and didn't work, and the photo shoot pictures just cannot be captured. She did have a successful experiment with colored noodles yesterday and we've kept busy other ways. Yesterday it was gorgeous and we took a walk in the neighborhood and let Ayla play at the playground and today we went to the library to check out books and check out story time. Today's story time was songs and singing and dancing. Ayla did not want anything to do with that so we didn't stay long. Here are the latest pictures and videos for an update......
Not the most flattering of me because I yawned
but Mama loves Ayla's beautiful big blue eyes
in this picture.

Daily Dose. :-)

Sidney loves to protect me when I am sleeping.

Snuggling in polka dot pajamas.

Snuggles with Mama.
This is the Pinterest fail. It's supposed to look all cute with the feet making the "v" in love. Eh! A for effort...

Note the awesome colored noodles on Ayla's plate.
Just add food coloring to the boiling water
and you get colored noodles! How fun!
It was 62 degrees yesterday so we took advantage with
a walk to the playground in our neighborhood.

Ayla is a pro at the walk climbing wall.

I got in a super good nap with all of that fresh air.

Ayla had fun sliding....

...and swinging.

Super cute siblings!

Ayla even got to push me in the stroller (but only in
the parking lot by the playground).
 Here are some videos of Ayla playing....
Today we went to the library. Mama checked out lots of books to read to Ayla tonight. If I'm not snuggling with Daddy then I might listen too.
My first trip to the library.

The weather here is crazy! Yesterday we were walking to the playground and today they are calling for snow! Daddy actually gets to come home from work two hours early! No signs of snow yet but hopefully we can post a snow blog later. Tomorrow is also my one month check up. Mama thought it was today and luckily she called to double check the time and they told her it was tomorrow. We'll be sure to post my stats....I'm a growing boy!!!

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