Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hospital Visitors

Reporting back about day #2. It was another eventful day...
Daddy went home in the morning to shower and freshen up so Mama and I had some snuggle time. The next two pictures were taken on her phone....

Happy New Year
When Daddy came back he brought a surprise....Ayla! Although she was still overwhelmed by the whole hospital thing, she warmed up slowly and we had a great visit! She even wanted to hold me. Yay!
She wasn't too sure at first.

Ayla needed some coaxing with the Ipad and some
chocolate to warm up.
Big sister and me

Taken on Mama's phone so it's a bit blurry
but oh does it melt her heart!
Ayla is a great big sister and wanted to help change my

Sorry, Ayla, I don't cry too much but it's a sound you
will need to get used to. Hee Hee!

Ayla and Mama snuggle time.
 Daddy and Ayla stayed for about an hour and a half and then Daddy took Ayla back home. The doctor had told Mama and Daddy that we could possibly be discharged that night if all went well with my 24 hour tests. Ayla was super excited about that!

Next up on day 2....circumcision....ouch! Dr. Sharawy performed this procedure and it was a pretty quick procedure. I wasn't even fussy afterwards. I did do a little whimper when the pediatrician came in to check me shortly after and he took my diaper off. He told me not to worry because that was a "one time thing". Mama thought he was funny.

Next up....more hospital visitors...


Colleen, Xavier and Corrine (we didn't get a picture of her)

 We ended up staying one more night because my Billy Reuben test was borderline for Jaundice and I didn't pass the hearing test in one ear because I was too busy playing with the wires. Oopsie! Mama and Daddy decided that he should go home and get Ayla so that she could spend the night at home so I got in one more snuggle before he left. Then it was just me and Mama for the night.
P.S. I did pass that hearing test the next day.
I'll report back soon! Or maybe Ayla. :-)

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