Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Mama's birthday and on Tuesday it was Hayden's "2 Week Birthday"....we need to catch up on some pictures.
Happy 2 Week Birthday Hayden!
Oma, Opa, Mama, Hayden and I went to Shuffletown Diner for Mama's birthday. I shared French Toast with Mama and ate an entire bowl of grits by myself!
Hayden slept the entire time.


The birthday girl and me!

Mmm! Mmm! Grits!

I sat on Opa's lap for a little bit and he fed me my grits.

Birthday picture.

Birthday snuggles!

Yesterday Oma and Opa had to leave to go back home....we miss them so much already! I had so much fun playing with Oma and Opa. Here are some more pictures from there visit with us. Oma and Opa bought Mama a baby carrier so we tested it out on a walk. Oh yeah...Mama attempted another photo's not so easy with two. Hee! Hee! There are also a few random pictures included...
Hayden likes to snooze with Daddy.

Mama's view when Hayden is in the carrier.

Enjoying a walk in the neighborhood.

Another photo shoot attempt....

Hot off the press....taken today...
Good morning!

Sending hugs and kisses to all!!!

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