Friday, January 3, 2014

Going Home!

Since we didn't get to go home on the first, we did get discharged on the second. I had my second hearing test at 3 in the morning (and passed) and Mama and I had our final check-ups. Daddy and Ayla arrived around 11 and everything was ready to go. Here are lots of pictures...

Ayla came in and the first thing she did was put her baby
doll in the bassinet with me.

She helped buckle me in...

....and gave me my "ba"

Ayla was so happy that we were coming home!

In the elevator or as Ayla called it the "alligator"

All bundled up. Thanks for the hat Uroma Waltraud
and Uropa Richard!

Waiting for Daddy to get the car.

Big sister ready to go home!

Not quite sure what to think.

Mama and Daddy have TWO kids in the car!!!

Phew! Bringing me home was exhausting for Ayla

Meeting Sidney

Sibling love
Ayla, Mama, and me

BeBe and Pappy stopped by for a little bit.
We also skyped with Oma and Opa,
Ayla insisted on holding me.

She's pretty good at holding me when she wants to.
Don't mind the tired Mama in the background. Hee Hee!

I slept through the whole Skype session.

I'll see you in person soon!

I ended the evening with some snuggle time with Daddy
while he watched football. Mama got a little bit of sleep then.
The first night home went well overall. I'm working on the nursing thing. I get mad easily and don't know how to latch quickly. Once I've figured it out, I'm a champ...the whole process just takes a little longer.  However, I am a great sleeper. I slept in about 3 1/2 hour stretches. Ayla also contributed to Mama's sleep deprivation by waking up twice and yelling "Mama, I need you!" Mama and I went into Ayla's room twice and snuggled with her until she fell back to sleep. She was very sweet and put her arm around me both times.

We'll report back soon! Sending hugs and kisses to everyone!

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