Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Settled In

We are adjusting to being a family of four quite nicely. I am absolutely in love with my little brother! I am a big helper and am always there when Mama is changing his diaper and if she needs something from the other room I'll go get it for her. Here are some pictures from our first days at home with Hayden....
He sleeps a lot but sometimes he has his eyes open.

Daddy and I have been playing with my train set a lot.
Hayden loves to watch when he's not sleeping.

Snoozing in his bouncer. Thanks to the Otto's for letting
us borrow it!

The Otto's came to visit today. Michelle loved snuggling

They brought him an outfit for
when he's a little bigger.

Otto snuggled Hayden too.

Mama tried to get a picture of Hayden, Nina and me.
Hayden was hungry and mad!

The second photo shoot was a little better after he ate.

Spending some time with Daddy (and his I-pad. Hee Hee!)
Mama has also been taking a lot of pictures on her phone. The quality isn't always the best but here are some of her favorites that she's captured....
Snuggle time in Mama and Daddy's bed.

3 a.m. snuggles with Mama. It's not very clear but I was
on one side and Hayden was on the other. I also had
my arm around Hayden until I fell back to sleep.

Self portrait with Mama.


Smooches for Hayden.

Our new sofa bed arrived today. This will be where all
of our guests will sleep. First up - Oma and Opa arrive
on Tuesday!
Lastly, before Mama forgets. Here are some pictures from Hayden's first doctor's appointment. He also saw Dr. Malta. Everything looks good but he did lose a little more weight than they would like to see. Oh, but they way, he eating better and better now. Mama is mad at herself because she didn't get the stats and percentiles but she'll get those on Wednesday when he has his next check up.
Checking how long he was. 21 and a little bit more.

Snuggling with Mama.

Time for a check up!
Stay tuned for more pictures!

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