Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun With Oma and Opa

We've had a lot of fun with Oma and Opa here. Hayden and I are both enjoying lots of snuggle time and I continue to keep Oma and Opa busy with all of my energy. Yesterday I was running laps around the house and Oma counted that I ran around 64 times!!! Mama has also been keeping busy. She sorted out a lot of my toys and today she sorted 4 tubs of boy clothes that a friend gave her. Yesterday Mama and Oma rearranged all of the furniture in Hayden's room so that it's his own since he got my old nursery. Mama will take pictures soon and post them. Here are some more pictures from our visit with Oma and Opa....
Snuggle time on the couch.

Check out those smoochable cheeks!


Mail from Germany came today!

I loved unwrapping the presents.

Chap stick just for me! Aunt Michelle couldn't have picked
a more perfect present....I love to use Mama's chap stick and
now I have my own!

These are super cool toys that stick together with water
and you can build things. I made some bracelets and
a snake today.

I made myself a blue bracelet, Mama got a white one, and
Oma got two!

Mama attempted another photo shoot but this is all she got.
We'll try again this weekend.

Uroma Waltraud sent some homemade
items for Hayden: 2 hats, a jacket
and cute little booties.

Hayden is thinking "How do I look, Oma?"

"Cute, right?"

Itty bitty baby feet

Wide awake.

BeBe and Pappy came over for dinner so Mama got a picture
with both sets of grandparents.

We also did a champagne toast to celebrate the birth of Hayden

I got to toast with some sparkling cider.

Yucky! I did not like the carbonation!
Mama took some videos of me playing with my new toy but the blog won't let her upload them. She's going to try and take some on her Flip camera and see if that works instead. Hayden and I (and Mama and Daddy too!) love all of the things we got from everybody in Germany. Danke! Danke! Danke!

On a side note, Hayden officially has a belly button! His umbilical cord fell off today. That means it's bath time sometime this weekend! Mama also promises to take some videos of Hayden and upload them onto the blog soon.

Stay tuned.....

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