Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas at Birkdale Village

Yesterday we met my BFF Aubrey for dinner at Duckworth's and then went to Birkdale Village to see the big tree. We originally wanted to go to Christmas in Davidson like we have done every year, but it actually ended up being much nicer at Birkdale. There were no crowds to go through and we just happened to see that Barnes and Noble was having a read aloud of The Polar Express. We got to listen to the story, got our own bell and some coloring sheets, and even got hot (well warm) chocolate and a cookie!
Dinner with Aubrey.

There was a Great Dane dog outside of Barnes and Nobles.
It was part of a gift wrapping charity.

I wasn't afraid of the big dog at all!
Waiting for the story to begin.

Check out our bell necklaces.
Waiting for the musical bears.

The Daddies and their girls.

We had to wait a little while for the bears to start singing..... we went to see the big tree! It was tall!!

The Mamas and their girls.

Family picture.
Check out Mama's belly....the countdown
is 3 weeks 5 days until due date!

Daddy swap. Hee! Hee!
Here is a short video of the bears singing.....

When we got home I got to open my gifts from St. Nicholas. I got new Dora cards, a shirt, a new Llama Llama book and a Llama Llama floor puzzle.

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