Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby Update

Mama reporting here...

Today I had my weekly check-up as well as another ultrasound. Since I have been measuring big and inconsistently, they measured baby to check his size. All estimated 8 lbs. 6 oz of him are snug as a bug inside Mama! He's already bigger than his big sister (who came 10 days early weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz.)! The doctor won't induce because of size until week 39. With next week being a the holiday week, I wasn't able to schedule my next appointment until December 30th. Let's hope that he has made his big debut by then! The doctor actually said he would "jump for joy" if I went into labor tonight. I'm okay with Friday after school....I want to make it to Christmas break so that I can prepare for my sub as much as possible. We'll just have to wait and see what baby decides to do.

On a side note, the ultrasound was entertaining. If you've watched the belly videos you have seen how much he moves! He was doing this during the whole ultrasound and kept making the ultrasound technician jump. Ha ha! She actually said she had never seen that and was pretty entertained with my moving belly. I got a couple of pictures but they aren't that great....it's getting too cramped in there for any good photo opportunities. He also had his hand and foot right by his face. Looking back at the one 3D picture, yes, that is his hand and foot there too.


He has hair!!!

Just to reconfirm that he's a boy. :-)
The lighting of this one is not that great but I took
all of these on my cell phone and then just emailed
them to myself.

This was taken yesterday. Ayla was playing with all of the
ultrasound pictures and was making a "train" and giving
them to us telling us that they were $10. She can now add
three more pictures to her "toy collection". Ha ha!

Just like today....hand and foot right by his face.
Countdown until due date is 2 weeks 2 days! We'll keep everyone posted!

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