Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Fun with Aubrey

I am one lucky girl and got to see Aubrey twice this weekend! The Daddy's were out of town so we had a "Girl's Weekend". Yesterday we met Aubrey and her Mama and Concord Mills and did some shopping and today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and met them at Jetton Park. We walked two laps around and then played on the playground. The Mamas pushed us the first time but the second time we walked almost the entire lap. Enjoy the pictures....
Aubrey and I walked the second lap.

Actually, it was more like running! Hee! Hee!

Little tree huggers.

I love Aubrey. As we were getting in the car this morning
I told Mama, "Aubrey my girl."

We tried to get some pictures with the leaves.
The action shots didn't turn out quite like Mama envisioned
but we had fun.

Ready, set, throw!

We explored the water a little bit at the little beach.

A picture with Mama.

Check out how gorgeous the day was!

Swinging with Aubrey


Posing next to the Jetton Park sign.

We ended our fun morning at the playground.
Thanks for a fun "Girl's Weekend". I can't wait to see you again, Aubrey (and of course Lindsey too)!

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