Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chubber Chubs

Mama reporting here:

I had my doctor's appointment today as well as an ultrasound. At my last appointment, I measured at 35 weeks instead of 31. I measured at 35 again and little man is a chubber chub! They were able to tell a lot through the ultrasound and estimate baby's weight to be around 5 lbs. 12 oz. What?!? I still have seven more weeks until the due date! They are going to monitor the weight and will decide closer to delivery if I will need to have a C-section. My next appointment is in two weeks. I did ask the ultrasound technician if she could get me one 3D pictures because we got one of Ayla at 28 weeks. She was really nice and gave me a couple of them! Oh, and I remember the heartbeat this time...148. Here are pictures from today. I'm in love already and can't wait to smooch those chubby cheeks! Ayla has some cheek competition! :-)
Today I am 32 weeks + 5 days....

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