Friday, November 15, 2013

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks + 1 day
Total Weight gain: Oh....I think I'm around the 29 lb. mark. Let's not forget that 5 lbs. 12 oz. are already baby. Hee! Hee!
Maternity clothes:  Of course! ;-)
Stretch marks: Still the same ones...itchy belly again! I need to get some more Cortizone!
Sleep: Waking up more and more!
Best moment in the last week: Hands down the ultrasound on Tuesday! I can't even tell you how many times I have looked at those ultrasound pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cheeks and cannot wait to smooch them. I'm already in love with the little guy!
Movement: Moving, moving, moving! Today my belly was actually lopsided!
Gender: It's a boy!
Ayla's current sibling wish: Still baby sister....still not coming true! Hee! Hee!
Ayla's current name choice when asked "What should we name the baby?": She does know the name. :-)
Food Cravings: I've been on a chocolate kick lately.
Belly Button in or out:  It's an outie but sometimes it looks flat depending on how he is laying.
What I miss: The general easiness of every day activities. I'm definitely out of breath easily now a days.
What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving break! 5 more school days next week and then a two day week. I think I can...I think I can....
Weekly Wisdom: It's always nice when people tell you that you look "cute" or "great" or "You don't look pregnant anywhere else except for your belly." I have gotten A LOT of belly comments (probably more than I ever did with Ayla) but I do have to is ALL belly. Not everyone can pull that one off. ;-)
Milestones: Baby's fingers now read the end of his fingertips!Baby Brain Moment of the Week: General forgetfulness. I have been taking my rolling chair out to recess for a couple of weeks now. The other day, I forgot to take it out. That's a perk of teaching third grade....I was able to send two kids inside to get it for me. Today, I forgot to send my spelling bee contestant to the library....luckily someone came down to get him. The list goes on and on....
Labor Signs: Hopefully not until the end of December.
Weekly Belly Pictures: Taken today at 33 weeks + 1 day

Again, a little comparison....

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