Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's My Party

Today was my birthday party and it was awesome! Mama did a Minnie Mouse Theme Party for me. We had Minnie Mouse cupcakes, Minnie's Bow-tique party favors, an Ayla's Clubhouse photo booth and lots more. Mama took lots of pictures and so did Aubrey's daddy while we were singing happy birthday and opening presents. Mama is adding a ton so I hope you enjoy......
Ayla's Clubhouse photo booth.

Minnie's bow-tique bows. My friends Cali, Nina, and
Aubrey got a ribbon with bows. I got one too!

Photo booth props.

The kid's snack table.
My Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

The adult snack table.

Snack time with Aubrey.

Birthday cupcake time!

Happy birthday to me!

Blow out the candle and make a wish!

Two Minnies in the photo booth.

Present time. Aubrey helped me open them.

I got new clothes and toys!

I gave everyone a hug and said thank you after I opened
their present.

Thanks, Courtney, for my baby doll and pack and play.

Showing Cali my new book from BeBe and Pappy.

The oreo from my cupcake was so yummy!

Courtney and me.

Mama and me.

Aubrey and I played a game where we had to put the
ring on Minnie.

Aubrey and me.

Nina, Aubrey, and me.

The Ottos

Mama, Daddy, and me.
The Mehalls

Bebe, Pappy, and me.

Here is my annual birthday song video. Thank again to Michele for capturing it and everyone who was at my party.

My Party guests were: BeBe, Pappy, Megan, Ricky, Cali, Otto, Michele, Nina, Andy, Lindsey, Aubrey, Courtney and Josh. Thank you for my wonderful presents and for spending time with me to celebrate!

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