Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday!

I turned 3 today! Mama can hardly believe it and time sure does fly! Mama took the day off of work again but she had a doctor's appointment this morning at 8:30. She had to take her glucose test and have the doctor check the baby. All went well and Mama will find out in two days if she "passed" the glucose test. Baby's heartbeat was 140 and Mama's belly measured perfectly with her due date and the doctor told her that her weight gain is also perfect...21 lbs. total! Her weekly blog will be up tomorrow.

I went to breakfast with BeBe and Pappy at Toast this morning while Mama was at the doctor's. I had grits and a bagel. Mama met us at Barnes and Noble because BeBe had a coupon for a free cupcake because it was my birthday. I had a delicious strawberry cupcake. Afterwards, Mama and I went to her friend Kathy's house and we went to Discovery Place Kids with her and my friends Lilly and Macy. Lilly and I had fun playing together even though I was sometimes not too good at sharing. I'm working on that. :-) After playing, we went to Lilly's house and we had a little birthday celebration. Mama bought cupcakes for us! We stayed for a little while longer and Kathy made us chicken nuggets for lunch....Lilly has the same dinosaur ones that I have! We played for a while longer and then came home. Phew! It was a fun and exhausting day. Now it's snuggle time with Mama and then bed time. Here are lots of pictures from today....
Opening one of my presents from Oma and Opa this morning.
They got me a Llama Llama Red Pajama stuffed animal.
I love it!!!

Birthday cupcake with Pappy and BeBe.

It was so good!

I only had half of was big!

Mama and the birthday girl!

Grocery shopping at Discovery Place.

Lilly and me.

What should I buy, Mama?
Lilly and I sat one the cow. Lilly even tried milking it.

Beep! Beep! We had to do some banking at the drive through.

Making some music.
Mama and I made a bat in the arts and crafts room.

Vroom! Vroom!

I also drove a boat.
Cupcake time at Lilly's house.

That was a lot of icing. We didn't eat it all!

Lunch time. Cheers!

I loved hanging out with my friend, Lilly!
Phew! What a day!
So Mama likes to spend my birthday with me because it's my special day but also because she wants to be the one to smooch me at exactly 1:19. That's when I was born. She won't be able to do that every year, but she's taking advantage while she can. Here is my "1:19" from today and all of the rest of them for a little comparison....



This one wasn't exactly at 1:19 but it was the day I was born.
I had a great day and am looking forward to my party this Saturday. Thanks to everyone who sent cards, emails,texts, face book messaged Mama and called me. Love you all!!!

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