Sunday, October 27, 2013

Germany Visitors Favorites

Our Germany company left on Thursday and we miss them so much already!!! We had a great visit and took a TON of pictures. Last weekend we went shopping at Concord Mills all day. It was actually a very good considering how many kids there were shopping. We had the double stroller and two umbrella strollers to keep us all contained. Hee! Hee! I stayed home with Aunt Michelle and Katrin during the week and loved spending time with them and Kai, Nora, and Jana. Here are just SOME of the favorite pictures that we took. Most of them are courtesy of Katrin. The last couple are from Mama's camera so they are a little out of order.
Mama was so happy to snuggle with Nora when they
got here!

We wasted no time and got straight to playing!

Double stroller time for Concord Mills

Lunch break at Popeye's chicken.

Fun at the Disney Store.

At our neighborhood playground.

Bath time fun!

Kai the shark!

Ayla the froggy.

The princess and the frog.

We made muffins one day while Mama was at work.
We all got to help.

Taste testing time....



and Kai.

Shopping fun at Target.

We tried on lots of silly hats.....

Walking over to "Five Guys" for a dinner break.

We went to BeBe, Pappy and Nana's house.

Skyping with Oma and Opa.

Watching Disney Jr.

Yummy breakfast!

My first time using the hair dryer.

We attempted a photo shoot outside...

We had a great time and miss you lots!!!

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