Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Festival Fun

Yesterday we went to the Fall Festival at Mama's school. Aunt Mica and Mallory went with us because they are in town visiting. This year there was lots of stuff to do at the festival and Mallory and I had so much fun! Here are lots of pictures....
We went to school early because Mama knew that there would
be a lot of people and no parking. Before the festival started
Mama let us watch Mickey Mouse in her classroom on the
big Promethean board. It was so cool!

First stop - the bounce house!

Mallory and I went down the slide a couple of time.

Then we played "Plinko"

We both won a little pumpkin eraser.

We got to paint pictures....

.....and make bear masks

We took pictures on the bench...

....and got to pick our very own pumpkin to take home!

We had some pizza for dinner.

Firefighter Ayla!

Firefighter Mallory!

It was so much fun getting to go on the fire truck.

My friend, Lilly, was there too!

Before we left, we had some dessert.
I had a chocolate covered marshmallow and Mallory had
a chocolate covered pretzels. The Mamas both had
Salted Caramel ice cream and Mama shared some of her
with me. Yum! Yum!

Mallory is here for a couple more days so I am looking forward to having lots more fun with her!

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