Sunday, October 27, 2013

30 Weeks

How far along: 30 weeks + 3 days
Total Weight gain: According to our scale...24 lbs. total.
Maternity clothes:  Yes, and even some of those pants are getting uncomfortable! Oh my! 
Stretch marks: Still the same ones....still a very itchy belly!
Sleep: It's okay. I've taken Benadryl for my itchy belly a few times and that makes me sleepy! :-)
Best moment in the last week: My friend Brittny came to visit this weekend! She's in Atlanta now so she drove up for the weekend and celebrated Harbin Halloween with us.
Movement: He's a mover! I'm seeing the belly move more and more and even my co-workers got a glimpse of it during planning last week.
Gender: It's a boy!
Ayla's current sibling wish: Her wish this week is a baby sister and baby brother. Well, she's getting one of the two! ;-)
Ayla's current name choice when asked "What should we name the baby?": We are back to "Baby Six".
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular but I'm enjoying all of the goodies from Germany!
Belly Button in or out:  It's an outie!
What I miss: Easy breathing! I just read on one of my apps. that the uterus is about 4 inches above my belly button and that now all of my inner organs are pretty much smooshed everywhere....lungs included. I can feel it! :)
What I am looking forward to: I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday...that means I get to hear Baby's heartbeat again!
Weekly Wisdom: Everyone has an opinion....take it with a grain of salt. Although that's easier said than done. ;-)
Milestones: This isn't really a milestone but when I put the countdown into perspective it's only about 9 1/2 weeks until my due date! That will be here before I know it!
Baby Brain Moment of the Week:  Again, there have been lots and I can't recall any of them. They happen and I'll even tell Bryan, "Remember this for my baby brain moment of the week." Oh well!
Labor Signs: Hopefully not until the end of December!
Weekly Belly Pictures:

30 weeks + 3 days

30 weeks + 3 days

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