Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Today was Aubrey's birthday party. Mama and I drove up to Statesville to celebrate. Daddy didn't join us this time because it was Oktoberfest day for him. Aubrey had a Minnie Mouse theme party and I had lots of fun. Next Saturday is my party and I can't wait to celebrate with her again! Here are some pictures from the party.
Noah, Aubrey and me.

Mmmm. Enjoying some Mickey themed snacks.
Mickey Mouse yogurt and cheese.

Snack time.

We made bracelets and decorated hats.

Happy birthday, Aubrey.

Aubrey's Pappy let me lick the icing off of the candles.
Aubrey had a Minnie Mouse ice cream cake!!!

It was so yummy!

We played a game where we had to stick bow stickers onto
a game board.

I love Aubrey!

She let me take some of her balloons home.

We had a great time playing with them!
Thanks for a great time, Aubrey (and of course her Mama and Daddy too!) See you next weekend!

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