Sunday, September 22, 2013

Festival in the Park

Every year there is an arts festival at Freedom Park. There are lots of art and food vendors. We have never been for some reason but Mama made a point to go this year because one of her third graders had her art featured there this weekend. Elementary school from around Charlotte can enter art work and they display it at the festival. The weather was beautiful and we had a good time. Yes, I am wearing a Halloween shirt because Mama was cleaning out some of my old clothes yesterday and found this outfit. It's a 2T so we had to take advantage....that's not going to fit much longer. Here are some pictures from the festival.....
Mama bought a bag of Kettle corn. It's almost as big as me!

Mmm! It was very fresh! The man
just made it and put it in the bag for us.

You can see some of the art tents in the background. 

Mama and I found her student's art work.


I wanted to feed the duckies but we didn't have anything.
I gave them just a few pieces of kettle corn.

We'll have to go back sometime with some bread.

We stopped at the big playground, but I was hot and tired
and ready to go home.
Last night the Otto's came over for a little bit. We ordered food and just hung out. Mama took this opportunity to have a little photo shoot with Nina and me. I love "Baby Nina" and let her sit on my soft pink blanket and play with all of my toys.

Sending hugs and kisses to all!!!

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