Thursday, September 12, 2013

24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks....I know! It's a miracle that I am actually posting on the right day.
Total Weight gain: 20 lbs.
Maternity clothes:  Yes!
Stretch marks: Just around the belly button.
Sleep: Eh! It's okay, but I'm still waking up during the night.
Best moment in the last week: I can't think of a particular best moment, but I have a cute story. I've been putting lotion on my ever growing belly a lot. Ayla now has to put lotion on hers too. Last night we were both putting lotion on our bellies together. : )
Movement: Moving! Moving! Moving! I am going to try and take a video of my belly moving. I got one of Ayla so fingers crossed that I can catch it this time too. Stay tuned!
Gender: It's a boy!
Ayla's current sibling wish: She's pretty consistent and seems to know it's a baby boy.
Ayla's current name choice when asked "What should we name the baby?": "Baby Boy"
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular...I'm just hungry! Hungry! Hungry!
Belly Button in or out:  It's still about halfway out.
What I miss: Being able to eat anything with sodium without swelling up! I had maybe 10 Pringle chips yesterday and afterwards I could feel my fingers and feet swelling. 
What I am looking forward to: I still have to say the Fall. Cooler weather, please hurry up!
Milestones: Baby's nostrils are opening up and he can now practice "breathing". 
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Oh, where to begin.....
Story #1: I have to give you some background information. I have a light purple water bottle that I take to school. Got it? : ) This week at school I was eating lunch with my team mates in the teacher's lounge. After lunch, I went to use the adult bathroom located in the front office area. Well there is a light purple Lysol bottle in there. Don't worry, I didn't try to drink it, but I saw it out of the corner of my eye, thought it was my water bottle, and walked back into the lounge with it. My team mate, Kelly, caught it and asked why I was carrying a Lysol bottle around. Oh boy...I just thought it was my water bottle.
Story #2: While teaching my class how to fill out a graphic organizer worksheet, I was holding up the worksheet to show them. The class was giggling and I didn't know why. We were learning about the branches of government, which really isn't that exciting. : ) Oh, they were giggling because I was holding up the answer sheet! They got a few freebie answers but still had to do most of it themselves.
Story #3: I forgot my lunch in the classroom today. Well, I was convinced that it was in the staff lounge refrigerator, which is where I normally put my lunch. I didn't have anything that needed refrigerated today though so I took it to my classroom today. I really did not remember that's where it was until I was in the teacher's lounge.Labor Signs: Hopefully not until the end of December!
Weekly Belly Pictures:
24 weeks

24 weeks

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