Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer's Over

Technically summer is not over, but summer break is. Mama and Daddy go back to work tomorrow. Mama is super sad but we had a great summer. Here is a summer recap with some of our favorite pictures and things that we did....

#1 Germany - It was so great seeing all of our family and especially playing with Kai and Nora.
Cousin fun in Germany!
#2 Carowinds - We took several trips to Carowinds and I got to see my friend Aubrey a lot!
My favorite ride this summer was the swings.

I loved the pool!
#3 Snuggle time with Mama - Mama and I took a nap together almost every day and I officially moved into my big girl room. Right now I am still sleeping in the bed that used to be in the guest room but pretty soon I will have a brand new bed.
July 21st - First night in my big girl bed!

#4 Listening to lots of stories at bedtime - This tradition will continue once school starts but Mama and I have a nice routine. We snuggle together in my big girl bed and read lots of books. My current favorites are: Abigail and the Balance Beam, Baby Bear Sees Blue, Llama Llama Red Pajama and Meine Allerliebsten Kindergebete (my German prayer book). I always have Mama read them in that order too!

#5 Potty Training - Well.....this may not have been the most fun thing to do. There were definitely some tears shed (both mine and Mama's) but I am finally getting the hang of it. I can be pretty stubborn and it took some bribery to get me to go. I did get lots of little prizes out of it though and I got new baby doll toys and a super big Minnie Mouse! I also learned the "Potty Song" in the process. You can watch the video below.....just don't mind Mama's singing...Hee hee!
Check out the super big Minnie Mouse I got! We had some friends over yesterday and I had a tea party with Minnie and Aubrey. Later on Lilly came over and we played with Minnie too. This was before the power went out. Mama and Daddy had to host their party in the dark. The kids had fun though and still played with my little quad and we loved playing with flashlights. Here are some pictures from yesterday:
Cheese! Minnie, baby, and me.

Aubrey loves Minnie too!

Tea party time.

Lilly loved Minnie too.

Lilly and I went for a ride in the dark.
We are squinting because the flash was so bright!

#6 Our trip to Maryland - I had fun on the Fun Bus at Mallory's party, playing with Mallory at her house and going to Baltimore to see  the fishies in the aquarium and go to the baseball game. I still talk about the baseball game and want to go to another one.

#7 Going to the White Water Center - Since we live so close, Mama, Daddy and I went to the White Water Center a handful of times to just hang out and listen to music. Most of the time our friend the Otto's joined us and I got to see baby Nina.
We enjoyed dinner with a view.

Daddy and me.
#8 Playing with Sidney and "Kitty Cat" - They have been very patient with me this summer and will probably be very glad when they have the house to themselves again...Hee! Hee! Check out the picture of poor Sidney putting up with me as I put all of my necklaces on her.
Kisses from my Sidney.

What, Mama? I'm just putting some necklaces on Sidney.

She didn't mind.

#9 Staying home with Daddy while Mama presented at the math training. - On those days I took my nappies with Daddy. :)

#10 Snuggling in Mama and Daddy's bed in the morning and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I would still get up pretty early so I would crawl into bed with them and we would watch Mickey Mouse and snuggle. It was so nice to not have to rush in the mornings and get out of bed right away. Goodbye summertime! Now on to my new adventure....I'll be going to BeBe and Pappy's house instead of daycare this year....let's just hope that they are ready for me! Hee! Hee!

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