Monday, July 1, 2013

World Wide Traveler

Mama and I just got back from our trip to Germany. We had a wonderful time seeing our family. As you can imagine Mama took a TON of pictures so we'll be updating the blog over the next couple of days. Here are some pictures of me traveling and the first day in Germany. I was an AWESOME traveler and loved flying. I sat with Oma on both flights and got out my Mickey Mouse blanket and baby doll to sit with. As the plane was taxiing, I would keep saying "Here we go! Here we go!" On the flight to Brussels I slept for the first 5  hours!
Looking cool on the shuttle train in Pittsburgh.

Enjoying a sugar and cinnamon pretzel at the

Do you see all of the sugar?

Getting ready for my first flight from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

"Here we go!"

Snoozing on the flight to Brussels.

Eating a little snack after I woke up.

Hanging out with Oma and Opa for a bit.
We had lots of people there to greet us!
Uncle Guenni, Aunt Michelle, Kai, and Nora.
Kai insisted on pushing me in my stroller.

Welcome to Brussels airport!

The car ride home. Uncle Guenni was driving and I said,
"Oooh! We go really fast!" :-)
Enjoying the nice weather (that didn't last) at Oma Waltraud's
and Opa Richard's house.

Kai and I like playing with Oma.

Phew what a day! We all went to bed exhausted!
Stay tuned for lots more posts and pictures!! 

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