Friday, July 5, 2013

Tea for Two

On the Saturday after the wedding Mama, Dada, and I went to visit the Morris family so that we could celebrate my friend Charlie's birthday. Mary planned some awesome activities for us. There were dress up clothes (I decided to be Tinkerbell) and she had sugar cookies for us to decorate with different colored frosting and lots of sprinkles. My favorite sprinkles were the pearl ones....they made the cookies very crunchy! Here are some pictures from our day.......
A princess and Tinkerbell.

Tea party time.

Decorating our sugar cookies. Check out that concentration!


BFFs even though we live far apart.

Playing on Charlie and Faith's "playground".

Ready, set, go!


Yummy ice cream.

Our annual picture with our Daddies.
Thanks for a great time Morris family....we wish we lived closer so that we could hang out more often. Miss you!!!

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