Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Fun

Here's just a little update of some of my most recent pictures. It's been pretty rainy so Mama and I have only had a chance to go swimming once. On Thursday we went to visit my BFF Aubrey and we had planned on going swimming but the weather did not cooperate. We played outside instead and even got to enjoy an ice cream sandwich. Yummy! Yesterday we went to Carowinds with Pappy and BeBe. We didn't go to the waterpark but I did enjoys lots of rides with Pappy in Snoopy land. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.....
Hanging out with my Great Aunt Geri and Great Uncle Tom
and their doggies, Chloe and Sophie.

Kisses for Chloe!

Taking a midday snooze on Daddy.

Loving my homemade headband from Oma Waltraud.

I insisted on wearing the matching sweater
even though it was hot out. Hee hee!

Pool time!


Yummy ice cream!

We listened to some books in Aubrey's big girl bed.
Pretty soon I will have one too. That's going to be a
summer project for Mama and Daddy.

Train ride with BeBe and Pappy at Carowinds.

Waiting to get on the helicopter ride.

Pappy and I are in there.

Enjoying the boat ride.

Hi, Mama!
Stay tuned for more pictures from our summer adventures. Hopefully the weather gets a little better soon!

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