Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oma Waltraud's Birthday

The blogging continues! Here are some pictures from Oma Waltraud's birthday. She turned 75! I'm also including the family pictures that we took......
The great grandkids gave Oma Waltraud one rose each.

We tried to all get a picture taken with Oma Waltraud.

Don't I look cute in my braids that Katrin did?

Mmm! Mmm! I loved all of the  yummy snacks!

Hanging out with the family!

Opa Richard and Oma Waltraud with all of their great
grandkids and their Mamas.

4 Generations

The great grandkids.

Having fun with Kai.

A family picture....not too bad considering none of us kids
wanted to get our picture taken.
Here are a few videos that Mama took while we were in Germany. Oma has a really cute one of me singing Happy Birthday to Oma Waltraud but for some reason it won't download.

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