Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mallory's 3rd Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Mallory's third birthday party. It was a fun day and the best part was that Uncle Dave and Aunt Mica rented a "Fun Bus" that we got to go on and was like doing gymnastics! We ate lunch and had cupcakes and then got to play with some of Mallory's new toys.
Nana and I took a picture together before the party.

Running to the Fun Bus!

Fun Bus time!

Getting ready to go and play.

At first I was just interested in the seat belt.

The birthday girl swinging.

Trying out the balance beam.

I had a lot of fun once I was done being shy.

We had fun with the parachute.
Do you see me laying on it?


Weeee! Time to get off!

Lunch time with my new friends.

Cupcake time!

Happy Birthday, Mallory!

Mama made Mallory hair bows for her birthday and I
put every single one in her hair.

Mallory and all of her hair bows!
I helped Mallory unwrap her present.

We got her an Abigail book and stuffed animal.
Mama read it to us.
Video of us on the Fun Bus:

Thanks for a great day, Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica and Mallory.....see you in October!

*Belly Picture blog will be up tomorrow when we are back home....Mama needs a scale to check her weight  gain. Hee Hee!

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