Friday, July 5, 2013

Dean and Michele's Wedding

We came back from Germany last Thursday and then we went to Dean and Michele's wedding on Friday. It was a beautiful wedding and it was nice to see all of our family. We finally got to meet Zachariah and we were instantly best buds.....we even pushed our high chairs together to eat dinner. Here are some pictures from the wedding....
Dean and Michele exchanging
their vows.

Oma, Opa, and me.

I slept through the entire wedding ceremony.
I'll blame it on jet lag. ;-)

We had some time between the wedding
and the reception so we went and
saw some art and the Museum of
Natural History.

Enjoying some veggies and crackers with Oma.

A group picture with Eileen, Mama, Judi, Steve and Paulette.

Enjoying my milk.

Dinner time with Zachariah.

Dylon is so funny!

Dancing with Zachariah.

Hanging out with cousin David.

Zachariah, Brandi and me.
The happy couple.

Phew! That was an exhausting day! Good thing that Mama
thought to pack some PJs so that I could fall asleep and
snuggle with Opa.
What a fun day! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness, Dean and Michele!

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