Friday, July 26, 2013

Cousin Time!

Mama, Dada and I came to visit Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and Mallory on Wednesday. We are here to celebrate Mallory's 3rd birthday! Yesterday the Dadas went to Washington D.C. to watch a baseball game so we had a girls day. We were very busy and had a great day!
We went shopping at Wal-mart to buy ingredients to
make spaghetti for lunch and pizza for dinner.
We had a super big shopping cart!

Mallory eating her spaghetti.

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!


Walking to the playground.

Time to swing!
So much fun!

Enjoying Mallory's new sand and water table.
We got messy!

The pool in Frederick that we went to.

Splish splash!


Mallory tried too.

"Ready for a hug?"

"Here I come!"

"I love you!"

Phew! What a long day!
Here are some videos from our swimming adventures:

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