Thursday, July 18, 2013

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks
Total Weight gain: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes:  Mostly yes. 
Stretch marks: Unfortunately there are some "left over" ones from Ayla around the belly button and they are becoming more and  more visible. I'll need to get some coco butter for that!
Sleep: Still pretty good but the belly is starting to make it a little harder to get comfortable.
Best moment in the last week:  Ayla kisses my belly every night and sings songs to the baby....ABCs, Rain Rain Go Away and You Are My Sunshine. I must also share that Ayla went to the bathroom twice yesterday. She's very stubborn about it and it's one step forward and two steps back for her but we are working on it. :-)
Movement: I have felt some random flutters but nothing consistent.
Gender: Right now I am thinking boy because I get ravishingly hungry at night time. I don't remember that with Ayla but that could also be "baby brain". Hee hee!
Ayla's current sibling wish: Baby sister. Although when you ask her what's in my belly she'll say "two babies." Nope, just one...sorry, Ayla.
Ayla's current name choice when asked "What should we name the baby?": Six (she's very consistent about that one!)
Food Cravings: I've devoured almost an entire bag of Cajun Trail Mix. I should add that it's a big bag!
Belly Button in or out:  In
What I miss: Would it be bad if I said beer again? I tried a tiny sip of Bryan's yesterday and it tasted really good!
What I am looking forward to: More consistent movement that should be coming soon.
Weekly Wisdom: Take naps whenever you can. The sleep only gets worse the further along you get and once baby is here, well, there is hardly any sleep. :-) I certainly am enjoying my daily naps with Ayla.
Milestones: Baby should be able to hear other sounds soon (mostly loud noises like the doorbell and a dog barking), not just my voice. I hope baby enjoys Ayla's singing. I sure do!
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I can never seem to remember them! I really need to start writing them down when they happen.
Labor Signs: Hopefully not until the end of December!
Weekly Belly Pictures:

I have to add some cute pictures of Ayla that I took on my phone over the last couple of days:
Looking super cute in  my shirt from my Great
Great Aunt Thea.

Out to dinner with Mama and Daddy.

Stylin' and ready for the pool!

Peanut butter face!

Snoozing with Mama in the big bed.

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