Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots to Blog!

Sorry blog's been a while! We've had a busy week. Pappy, BeBe, and Great Nana moved down last week and then Uncle Dave and Mallory came too! This past weekend Aunt Mica was here too so we have been very busy spending time with family. I'm officially not going to daycare anymore and last week I got to spend all week with Mallory. Here are some pictures.....
Playing dress up in our fairy dresses.


Mallory had a sleepover at my house.
Eating breakfast the next morning.
On Saturday Pappy, BeBe, Uncle Dave and Daddy went to the Nascar race. Aunt Mica, Mallory, Mama and I decided to go strawberry picking at Patterson Farms. I got the hang of it really quickly and really enjoyed it! They were delicious!

Looking cool in my sunglasses.

Check out my strawberries, Mama!

Mallory had her own container too.

Just walking down the sidewalk in my new bike helmet.
Hanging out with Great Nana on the front porch.

Ayla the butterfly catcher!

Pappy and his girls.

A picture with BeBe and Pappy.

Mama had to bribe us with cookies to have our picture taken.
We are busy girls. Hee Hee!
Mama also got a new app on her phone and was playing around with photo collages:
Here is a video of me on my new bike from Pappy and Bebe. I think Pappy did all of the work. Hee Hee!

Mama and I will try to do much better with the blog and not wait so long again. There are only 9 school days left so summer time will be here soon. Mama will have more time for pictures and blogging then. Love you all! 

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