Friday, May 3, 2013

Just Like Daddy

It's hockey playoff season and I want to be just like my Daddy......we have matching jerseys....

Even Mickey has a matching jersey!

I actually call these jerseys "Mickey shirts".

I've been really into wearing hats lately. This is a homemade
hat from my Uroma. My babies are wearing my socks on their
heads. Ha ha ha!

On Tuesday, Daddy mowed our lawn.
Again, I am just like Daddy and wanted to help.

My lawn mower runs on gold fish! Hee Hee!

Baby wanted to help too.
Mama and I like to lay in the big bed every night and read books. One of my favorites (and hers) is the book "You Are My Sunshine". She sings it to me every night so the other night I decided to sing it to her......

It must me noted that I have visited "Time Out" a couple of times at daycare. The conversation with Mama or Daddy goes a little like this:
Daddy: Did you go to time out today?
Me: Yes!
Daddy: Why?
Me: I hit Erik......and Wi-Wi (that's William)
Daddy: Do you like to go time out?
Me: Yes!

Oh dear! What are Mama and Daddy going to do with me?!? Let's just say it's a phase that I'll outgrow soon. The other kids at daycare have to go to time out too but Mama  calls me a little "sassafrass" because I'm sassy and stubborn! Hey, I just know what I want. Another example of this is my two babies right now. During any meal, they need a plate and milk just like I have. I insist on it every time! I also like to hold baby and feed her a bottle (my sippy cup). Mama will have to take some pictures of that soon. She promises to get better at doing a blog more often. :-)

Sending hugs and kisses to all!!!

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