Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pappy!

Wow! Mama and I surprised Pappy for his birthday 3 years in a row! Mama and I drove up to PA on Monday and have been staying with Oma and Opa. Today Mama and I drove to Carnegie to surprise Pappy again......and he was! Here are some pictures from today. I'll post more from my visit with Oma and Opa in another blog......
"Move over, Pappy, there's a new chief in town!"

"Were you surprised, Pappy?"

Yup, we had this all planned out with Bebe.

We went to Bob's Diner for lunch.
I had lots of yummy fruit and some chicken tenders!

Walking hand in hand with Pappy.

I was being a silly girl!

Mmmmm.....Pappy shared his birthday cake with me.
It is technically my 1/2 birthday today. I am 2 and 1/2!!!

Pappy fed me the cake. Yum yum!

A picture with Pappy and Bebe.

Happy happy birthday Pappy! I love you!
Here is a look at the past two years....
2012 Birthday surprise!

2011 Birthday surprise!

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