Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun with Mallory

We had a super busy weekend with cousin Mallory. Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and Mallory came to visit us for Easter. They came on Friday so we had lots of time to spend together. Of course, Mama took lots of pictures. Our weekend ended with an Easter brunch at the Westin. All was well until the Easter bunny came. Boy oh boy did I not like that bunny! I screamed like you wouldn't believe and then Mama had to hold me the ENTIRE brunch. Oh well. He's on same scale as Santa when it comes to people I like to see. Hee Hee! Here are LOTS of pictures from the weekend......
Wearing matching scarves from Oma.

Watching Mickey Mouse Club House on the Ipad.

Colored bath water and bath crayons!

Thanks, Aunt Mica, for the awesome bath crayons.

Bath time with a friend is so much fun!
Do you see our art work in the background?

We tested out a new donut shop on Saturday.

My donut had gummy bears on it!

Stylin' in our sunglasses on the way to the Whitewater Center.

Rock climbing!

I showed Mallory how to climb too!

We took a stroll around the rapids.

Checking out the water from the bridge.

A view of the White Water Center!

Mama put our names on our Easter baskets in fancy letters.

Searching for eggs.

Mallory found a lot!

We got lots of goodies!

Aunt Mica brought the ingredients for a bunny cake.

Mallory and I decorated it with sprinkles.

A picture with my Daddy after brunch.

Smooches for Mama!

Silly cousins!

I love you, Mallory!

Harbin family picture #1

Harbin family picture #2

Hugs for Aunt Mica.

Hugs for Mama.

Playing corn hole at the Ottos.
I collected the bags for daddy.

Looking so pretty in my Easter dress

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