Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a Little Update

It's update time.....Daddy has been hogging the computer because he was writing a super long paper for Grad. school. Well, that's done (way to go, Daddy!) and now we can blog again. Here are some pictures from the past week......
Mama, Courtney and I went to Bruster's for our last day of
Spring Break. I got a free kid's cone.

Courtney shared her extra bowl with me because it was hot
and my ice cream was melting quickly!

Courtney and me.

We went to Carowinds again yesterday.
The swings are my favorite!

Riding on the carousel.
I wasn't brave enough to try the horses yet.

Enjoying a different airplane ride.
I liked this one much better!

Going on the tower ride..... could see all of Carowinds.
My BFF Aubrey and me on the train.

Self portrait with Mama.

Yay! Swings!

A picture on the border.
I am in South Caroline and Aubrey is in
North Carolina!
A few pictures from home....
Singing my ABCs into a paper towel roll.

Looking super cute in my Minnie Mouse nightgown.
Here are two videos:
#1 - Enjoying the swings at Carowinds
#2 - Serenading Crosby with the ABCs. :-)

Sending smooches to all!!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Carowinds Visit of the Year!

Today Mama, Dada, and I met the Mehalls at Carowinds. It was so much fun because I got to see my friend Aubrey! The Daddies went on some roller coasters and the Mamas went on one too....they had to take turns. Aubrey and I also got to go on some rides in Snoopy Land. I was a little shy and had to watch Aubrey go on the ride first a couple of times and then I would decide that I would want to try it out too. In the end, we went on the following rides: the airplanes, the swings, the train, the helicopters and the boats. The lines were pretty long because it was very busy today! As you can see, the weather was beautiful! Here are lots of pictures from today.....
Ready to go and explore the park.

The airplane ride.

I did cry towards the end of this one.
I wanted off!!

Taking a break for lunch.

Hi, Mama!

Playing on some rocks with Aubrey.

Ready to try out the swings....I look a little nervous.

Enjoying the ride.
I really liked this one. At the end of the ride I told Mama,
"I like that. I do it again."

Aubrey and her Mama on the train ride.

Mama and me on the train.

I ended up sitting next to Aubrey.

On the helicopter ride.
Cheese! Mama and I took a self portrait.

On the boat ride. We did a "Mama switch"
Mama and Aubrey.

Lindsey and me.

We got our picture taken with the big dinosaur.
I was so tired at this point that I was sleeping.

I did wake up and enjoyed the rest of Mama's ice cream in the car.
What a fun, fun day! I can't wait to go back again.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oma and Opa Visit - Part 2

As promised, here are some more pictures from my visit with Oma and Opa. Mama and I are headed back to Charlotte tomorrow. I'm sure Daddy missed me!!! ;-)
Oma and I enjoyed some gummy bears from Germany.
Thanks Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, Kai and Nora!

See my gummy bear, Mama!

Oma and I watched some Mickey Mouse on the computer.

We enjoyed some breakfast this morning.

Check it out! I made the cresent rolls!!!

The girls went shopping this morning.

I'm a shopping pro....I even carry the bag!
We went to visit my great Aunt Donna.

Opa, Oma and me.

3 generations.
A family picture.

Having fun playing with Mama's old toys.

Hi, Mama!

Wearing my new Minnie Mouse night gown and headband.

Mama is also including some videos.....I was having a fun time playing with Opa.....

Thanks for letting us come and visit! I had a great time and especially loved all of Oma's cooking! Hee hee!
Love you and I'll miss you lots!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oma and Opa Visit - Part 1

So as I mentioned in my last blog, we have been in PA since Monday visiting Oma and Opa. Here are the first round of pictures.....
Enjoying the slide at Clairton Park.

Opening my Easter basket presents with Opa.
Thanks for all of the cool new books!
"Here, Opa, pour some water on my head!"

Hee hee!

Oh so much fun!!!

Snuggling with Oma and reading books after my bath.

We took Opa to the doctor's on Tuesday for his check up.
He bought me a Happy Meal afterwards.

Tara, Toni and Dani came over to visit.

BFFs even though we live so far apart.

Hugs from Dani!
Tara gave me a Pirates Smiley Face cookie from Eat'n'Park.
Yum yum!
Oma made us all delicious waffles. I ate some waffles but
I really loved the strawberries....I had 3 servings!!!

Our annual Spring Break picture.
More pictures to follow soon. We are here until Friday......