Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pappy Visits

Pappy came to visit  because he did the Spartan Run with Dada on Saturday. He came on Friday and we went out to dinner. Then I enjoyed some snuggle time on the couch and made him read me lots of books....
Pappy and me at dinner.

Reading books.

I love listening to stories!

While Daddy  and Pappy were at the Spartan Run
I was eating grits in the laundry basket. Ha ha ha!
Woah! This is what Pappy looked like after the run.

I look a little scared of the mud. Hee Hee!

All cleaned up and ready to go out to lunch

I love my Pappy!

Oma made me this snazzy scarf!

Mama and I matched.

Enjoying pretzels at the Saucer with Pappy.

I also enjoyed some chocolate cake and ice cream.

Thanks for visiting Pappy. Love and miss you!

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