Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow What a Day!

What a busy day! Mama, Courtney, and I went to a Baby Shower for Baby Nina. She wasn't supposed to be born until the end of the month but she came three weeks early. Since the shower was already planned, Mama and her friend still hosted it. At the end of the shower it started snowing! Not just a little bit but real big, fluffy snowflakes! Here are some pictures from today...
Looking super cute in my new outfit!

Mama and me!

Courtney and me!

Being silly at the shower.

I was a big helper and gave Michele all of the presents
to unwrap. I even helped unwrap some. :-)

Wow! Look at the snow!

Look, Mama, I have snow on my finger.

Mama and me in the snow.

Courtney and me in the snow.
Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday. I have been practicing singing the "Happy Birthday" song. Hopefully I will cooperate tomorrow and Mama can video me singing.

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