Monday, February 25, 2013

Just A Little Update

Hello blog followers! Here are the most up to date pictures of me. These are from the past week...
Last Monday we went to visit baby Nina.
She's so cute and tiny!

Hey, Daddy!
Thanks for my Minnie shirt Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and
Mallory. I would wear it every day if Mama would let me!

Close up. Note the bruise starting to form on my face....
story to follow.

Yesterday Mama, Courtney and I went to Latta Plantation.

A picture with Courtney.

A picture with Mama.

We also went to the playground.

Smooches for Courtney!
Weee!  The slide is so much fun.
Take note that I didn't have to wear a coat. It was so nice out!!!

I am getting brave and I like to climb.

We went to see Bebe and Pappy's house.
I took a rock to keep. Hope that's okay. Hee hee!

My bruise today.
So here's the story. On Friday when Mama came to pick me up from daycare I went to give Ms. Angi a hug. I was running and she didn't realize I was coming so she didn't catch me. I ran face first into the back of her couch. I must have hit the wooden beam because I got a huge bump on my head and then all weekend long my face became more and more bruised. I was a trooper though and only cried for a few minutes and I didn't complain all weekend. I will say "I got a boo boo" if you ask me. :-)

Love and miss you all!

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