Monday, February 25, 2013

Just A Little Update

Hello blog followers! Here are the most up to date pictures of me. These are from the past week...
Last Monday we went to visit baby Nina.
She's so cute and tiny!

Hey, Daddy!
Thanks for my Minnie shirt Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and
Mallory. I would wear it every day if Mama would let me!

Close up. Note the bruise starting to form on my face....
story to follow.

Yesterday Mama, Courtney and I went to Latta Plantation.

A picture with Courtney.

A picture with Mama.

We also went to the playground.

Smooches for Courtney!
Weee!  The slide is so much fun.
Take note that I didn't have to wear a coat. It was so nice out!!!

I am getting brave and I like to climb.

We went to see Bebe and Pappy's house.
I took a rock to keep. Hope that's okay. Hee hee!

My bruise today.
So here's the story. On Friday when Mama came to pick me up from daycare I went to give Ms. Angi a hug. I was running and she didn't realize I was coming so she didn't catch me. I ran face first into the back of her couch. I must have hit the wooden beam because I got a huge bump on my head and then all weekend long my face became more and more bruised. I was a trooper though and only cried for a few minutes and I didn't complain all weekend. I will say "I got a boo boo" if you ask me. :-)

Love and miss you all!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy's Birthday!

Yesterday was Daddy's birthday and as promised Mama took a video of me singing "Happy Birthday". There was still some snow on the ground so Daddy and I got to take a picture in the snow! He also invited some of his friend over yesterday which meant that I got to see my best friend, Aubrey. Here is the video from yesterday and some pictures.....

Yay! There was still snow the next day!!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We were not in the picture taking mood. This is the best
shot that Mama could get. Ha ha!

Yum! Birthday cake!
Today is Bebe's birthday....Happy happy birthday to you! Love and miss you!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow What a Day!

What a busy day! Mama, Courtney, and I went to a Baby Shower for Baby Nina. She wasn't supposed to be born until the end of the month but she came three weeks early. Since the shower was already planned, Mama and her friend still hosted it. At the end of the shower it started snowing! Not just a little bit but real big, fluffy snowflakes! Here are some pictures from today...
Looking super cute in my new outfit!

Mama and me!

Courtney and me!

Being silly at the shower.

I was a big helper and gave Michele all of the presents
to unwrap. I even helped unwrap some. :-)

Wow! Look at the snow!

Look, Mama, I have snow on my finger.

Mama and me in the snow.

Courtney and me in the snow.
Tomorrow is Daddy's birthday. I have been practicing singing the "Happy Birthday" song. Hopefully I will cooperate tomorrow and Mama can video me singing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some brand new pictures from today for all of my favorite valentines out there in the blogging world! Love and miss you all!!
Enjoying a snack of "fishies" of my favorite snacks.

My awesome new hair bow from Oma.


Hey, Mama!

Okay! Enough pictures!
Oma and Opa sent me lots of bows.
I had to try them all. Hee Hee!

Mama and me!
Dada and me!

Mama and I played "airplane" and she took a picture!

We concluded the night with a pink bath
I hope everyone had a fabulous day!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stomach Bug....Ugh!!!

So I got the dreaded stomach bug....ugh!!! It has been pretty awful! It began Saturday at 10:00 when I just randomly threw up. I was snuggling in Mama and Daddy's bed and Mama was about to move me into my crib. Well, it all went down hill from there. It is now day #3 of Mama staying home with me. I couldn't keep anything down and on Monday Mama took me to see Dr. Malta. Come to find out I had a double ear infection on top of the stomach bug! They gave me a shot of antibiotics (since I wouldn't have been able to keep my medicine down) and I went home with Mama to do lots of snuggling. She tried going back to work yesterday but I got sick again at daycare and then she decided to take one more day off. Phew! It's been exhausting but I seem to be on the mend. I've been eating and drinking a little bit and sleeping lots!! Here are some pictures that Mama took on her phone these past couple of days.....
Sidney and Crosby were there to comfort me.

Sleeping in Mama and Daddy's bed.

Mickey and Minnie went to the doctor's with me.
They were there to comfort me after my shot.

Looking pretty rough! ;-)

Today was a little better.
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Nap time on my toy box seemed like a good idea.
I dragged the blanket over myself and got all settled in.
Mama is also including some pictures from before I got sick.....
This is how Mama found me the other day...
no pants, boots on, and I had dragged the
chair over to the light switch and kept saying
"I get lights!"

Eating peanut butter straight from the spoon.

Minnie's in the microwave and I have a million bows in
my hair. Ha ha!
How do I look, Mama?

I kept saying "More bows!" so Mama
put my whole collection in my hair. Hee Hee!
Here's to hoping that I feel better soon!! Love and miss you all!!!