Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update Time!!!

Woah! It's update time! It's been FOREVER since there has been a new blog. Remember when Mama and Dada's computer stopped reading the memory card and then Dada saved the day by buying an external card reader? Well......that card reader broke but the person at fault shall remain nameless. Let's just say that person liked to put the memory stick in and out of the USB portal on the computer and that person wasn't the most coordinated and it broke. :-)
Mama stopped by the store and bought a new and better card reader. This one also reads the card from her Sony camera and there were some hidden gems on there.
Sorry to all of my followers for the delay. It shouldn't be that long again and Mama will do much better making sure that the blog is updated. 
Here are some new pictures to enjoy:
Mama and me on her birthday!

Hanging with my buddy, Xavier, after we went to dinner.

Photo shoot with Minnie and Mickey.

Mama wanted a picture too....

.....and Dada....

....and Sidney too!
I LOVE Minnie and Mickey right now. I snuggle with them every night and with Mama's bear from when she was a baby. I also like to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".
Here are some "hidden gems" from the Sony camera from Christmas time.
Self portrait with Mama.

Family self portrait....ha ha ha!

Hi everyone!
Don't you worry....the blog is up and
running again!

Sending love, hugs, and smooches to all!!!

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