Sunday, January 27, 2013


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my alphabet book from Mama and Dada and pretend to read it all of the time. I may not be able to read the actual words but I do know who's on the pictures and I love to pretend. Mama has been trying to catch me singing the alphabet song. I sing the whole thing but when she tries to record me I get "camera shy" and I don't want to. She did include a video of half of the alphabet song and I a video of me "reading".

Today Mama and I went to Shuffletown Park for a little bit. I'm a big girl and like to do everything by myself!
Hi, Mama!

So much fun!

Captain Ayla!

Riding on the froggy
One more picture for the blog. This was at the Flying Saucer on Saturday.
All of these pictures and videos were taken on Mama's phone. That's why the videos are a little small. :-)

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