Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa (Cry) Baby!

On Friday we went to Concord Mills Mall to see Santa. As much as I like seeing pictures of him and saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!" when I do, I was not a big fan of sitting on that big guy's lap! It was a repeat performance from last year (maybe a little bit more dramatic with my "terrible two's" tantrum skills) and I would not sit on his lap. We came to an agreement and I let Mama hold me next to Santa. The pictures are blurry because they are a picture taken of the actual picture but you can still see how unhappy I was. Maybe next year? Mama thinks probably not. :-)

 Much happier in the tub with my cool pink bath water!
Mama bought these awesome bath fizzies that turn the water different colors.
 Yesterday Mama and I went to have brunch with some friend's of hers. Kara's Mama and Dada (otherwise known as Gimmie and Granddolly) live on Lake Norman and their house is so much fun! Here are some pictures from yesterday....
Kara and me!
 Watching TV and eating Ritz crackers.
Ahhhh.....that's the life!
 Hey Mama!
 Jack and I liked looking at the little house.
 My view at breakfast!
 Getting some smooches from Gimmie!
 We got to ride on the scooter in the house!
 What?!? Do we really have to leave, Mama?
Thanks for having us over ! We had a great time. I liked it so much that I cried the ENTIRE drive home!

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